VetMaster Frequently Asked Questions 

No software is installed on a workstation
Everything is installed to the folder C:\UNIQUE 
Workstations create shortcuts to GO.BAT on the server

VetMaster properties:
click on the VetMaster startup icon
Click properties
Click Options tab
Only check the 2 items Insert Mode and Use legacy console

Click Layout tab and make Width 80 and Height 25 for both Screen buffer and Window size.
Uncheck Let system position window
Click Font
Make the screen whatever size is attractive

Position VetMaster to start at any location:
Click dog icon in upper left corner of VetMaster,  click properties, click ok.

Share server folder manually from command prompt

Map work station to the server manually from command prompt

Startup for  workstations: (no software is installed on workstations)
Right click on an empty area on the Windows desktop
Click New then Shortcut
Type path to the server,  example:  x:\unique\go.bat  (replace x: with drive mapped to server)

Change startup icon to happy dog  (on a workstation, the path to the server replaces c:\unique)
1) Right click on current shortcut to VetMaster
2) Click properties
3) Click change icon
4) On the line "Look for icons in this file", type c:\unique\happy256.ico
5) Click ok twice

To print using the default Windows printer driver:
Press F12 key - This stations settings
If  "Use Printer Driver? is marked [N]o,  press X then Esc key to exit
It would be unusual to not want to use Windows printer drivers and manually capture a LPT port.
The message "To use print driver [F12]+[X] appears on Main Menu if not using Windows printer drivers.


Using VetMaster:

How do I give someone credit for items?
Re-invoice items to be returned
Hold down Ctrl key then touch Reverse to create a credit invoice.
Press the minus sign to Post.
At the payment screen press Esc to credit the client or type CASH and press F8 to refund cash.

How do I reverse a payment received or make a payment correction?
Press minus [-] Pay on account while in the Client/Patient screen, re-enter the code, amount and press F8
If a wrong amount is entered it easier to just reverse out the incorrect entry and re-enter the correct entry.

How do I print reminder cards?
Press F10, use option number 2, Postcard, Select or change message, Esc, mark date range,
Mark procedures with a "D", press F1 to begin. Output is sent to a preview window before printing.

To send reminders on the front of Healthy Pet Magazine instead is the same procedure except press
"H" for Healthy Pet instead of "Postcard. For information

How do I create an invoice?

Press Invoice in the Client/Patient Screen, select any codes; press minus sign when ready to post.
To continue the invoice later, press Esc. To invoice multiple patients, press F10 to switch patients.

How do I setup a fee schedule?
Press F7 Fee schedule at the Main Menu. All codes are 2 to 6 characters in length.
Payment codes start with a category of minus. -CASH, -VISA, -CHECK
The first character of all codes is the category. Example: VRAB1 (Vaccinations, Rabies 1-year)
All fees may be viewed/printed in multiple orders by pressing  [F3] Report

How do I setup Rx labels on Dymo LabelWriter 400?

After installing the printer and its driver select tilde key + Rx Setup in VetMaster.
Select the Dymo printer from the list. It will be between 5 and 9 on the list.
In Windows, click Start, Printers and Faxes, right click on the Dymo printer
Select printing preferences
Clicked advanced
Paper size: 30324 Diskette or for wider labels 30256 shipping

Requirements: Microsoft Windows all  32-bit versions.
64-bit computers can switch to Windows 10 32-bit by using the Windows Media Creation Tool
Media Creation Tool
Be sure to select the home or professional version that matches what you are using.
Both the 32-bit and 64-bit can be download at the same time, but select 32-bit when installing.

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on a USB drive when ordered directly from Microsoft.

VetMaster is the only system to ever receive a "BUY" recommendation from a veterinary magazine!

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