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Do what thousands of veterinarians have been doing for over 40 years.
Try the fully functional evaluation and compare to systems costing many times more.

Updates and support for current year is $400 if account is not over 1-year behind.
Additional practices owned by the primary practice are only $100 each.  Compare this to our competitors!

VetMaster runs circles around other programs by displaying information as you type.  Many have told us
that it is actually fun to use.    The program is faster and easier to use than program costing thousands.
Don't take our word for it.   The entire program can be evaluated for free and any data entered can
later be used in the actual program.

Is there any way to check/repair the data files?

1 Backup
CHKDSK  /F to schedule a check the next time the system is rebooted.
SFC /SCANNOW to run system file checker
4 Press Other option,  Repair,   F1 Begin  from Main menu on server with no other station using the system

Press F7 Setup for the Fee Schedule      Press F8 Setup for practice information     F9 Setup for Rabies Certificate

TO USE THE PROGRAM                        Return to main page 

Options are alphabetical, highlighted and available with a click or press.    Click or press ? question mark for help

A  Add client                  B Balance search         C Client number search              D Due calls

E  End program              F Folder/id search      G Grand totals                           H History search

I   Invoices                      J Just search                K Keyword search                      L Look totals   

M Memo search             N Name search           O Other options                         P Patient name

Q Quick list                   R Rabies search           S  Species search                        T Top of form

U Unposted                   V View caller id           W Work results                          X Last caller

Z Zip code search        F7 Fee Schedule          F8 Setup practice                      F9 Setup rabies certificates

The most common task is finding a client/patient, invoicing them and printing a walkout.
Press N  for Name search, find  client, press I for invoice, select items, post and print.


BACKUP  (do not use CD)
We do not suggest CD backup.  CD's do not verify that the data is there and can wear out!
If you backup to CD continually check that the files can be copied and run on another machine!

We backup to removable USB 3.0 devices which can be plugged into any of our machines. 
This can be  automated by clicking or pressing End  Backup at the Main Menu

Multiple statements can be placed into a backup command file named "B.BAT"
Press  End  Command at Main Menu to create the backup statement(s) in "B.BAT"
XCOPY/E/R/Y/D   *.*   R:\UNIQUE\*.*    copy files to external drive R
XCOPY/E/R/Y/D  *.*    H:\UNIQUE\*.*    copy files down the network to drive H
Test the backup:  RUN  H:\UNIQUE\GO.BAT                                           Return to main page

BATTERY BACKUP for each computer
All systems should be backed up daily and protected by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply.)   This is a must
for all systems.  Power outages can cause data loss and damage the computer.   

Where can I buy a Dymo Label Writer 400 Turbo?
Where can I buy thermal Rx labels for a Dymo printer?

Label size in Windows:  printer,  properties,  paper tab (diskette 30324),  apply,  ok.
Label settings  in Doty:  [ ~ tilde] ,  [ R]x  select  Dymo printer
The [~ tilde  key]  is located (left of the 1 key)(above the Tab key)(under the Esc key)

Most used feature in a nutshell.  Find client/patient and create an invoice

--- Find Client and go to Client/Patient Screen ---
Click or press "N" for name search and type part of client last name (records displayed as you type)
Click or press function key  ( F1, F2, F3  ...) in front of patient.   Switch between patients of the client by pressing F10 key.

--- Client/Patient Screen ---
All invoicing and modifying of patient information is done from here.

--- To create an invoice ---
Press the letter "I"
Type some codes or select a code or group from the list.
When done, press the minus "-" sign.
Press "W"alkout. The system will ask if the date is correct once per day.

To exit any screen, press Esc key or right click.
Right clicking twice on a screen can be used to exit the program quickly.

INTERNET SECURITY CHECK  Gibson Research (be sure to check out Shields Up)


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